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Watch the video to learn about Justine’s journey to lose 45lbs and keep it off! Also read about it here.

Welcome to Happy Healthy People

Your one stop for learning how to be happy and healthy in all areas of your life!Whether you want to lose weight and keep it off, have more energy, reduce stress, learn about nutrition, help your family be healthier, or achieve more balance in your life, this is the place for you! I am passionate about helping you be happy and healthy and achieving your goals.

About ten years ago I was completely miserable. I was 4 sizes bigger and 45 pounds overweight, tired, stressed, worked too much, got too little sleep, had black bags under my eyes, was addicted to caffeine and sugar, and was completely out of balance in my life.

Since losing the weight, keeping it off, and learning how to achieve balance, I discovered my true passion which is to help others do the same! I love nutrition, I love wellness, and I love helping people. I was put here to help YOU!

Your new friend for life,




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Katherine, 28, Attorney

“I am happy to have found a manageable program that I can stick to, no matter how busy I get. It is also easy to follow even when I’m on the road, traveling, or working late in the office.” – Katherine

Lost over 16 inches on the Lose Your Inches Program!

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