Creating a Healthy Lifestyle is as Easy as Step 1, Step 2, Step 3!

The time for New Year's resolutions is here and if you are like every other person out there, you've made a resolution to get healthy and lose weight!  Then if you are STILL like every other person out there, a few weeks later you'll give up and say "Oh well!  Maybe next year…." Being a former gym owner, I saw this trend occur year after year.  You're not alone!  Let's make THIS year different and keep those resolutions! Most people give up on their New Year's resolutions because the transition into a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming at first.  If [...]


Detoxing Made Easy

Thanksgiving is over, you stuffed yourself like that turkey you ate, and now you want to detox.  The main question I've been asked lately is "What's the best way to detox and lose the holiday weight?" Well, the good news is that, unless you ate about 7,000 calories a day for the past few days, most of the weight you gained was water weight.  Water weight comes from salt, sugar, alcohol and carbohydrates (hint: the 'hydrate' part of that word means water.  So, if you want to reduce water weight, reduce carbs!) There are detoxing pills and systems all sorts [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi there! Happy Thanksgiving to you!  My favorite part of Thanksgiving, besides hanging out with family, is eating delicious food I normally don't eat all year.  My absolute favorite is sweet potatoes with a little brown sugar and crispy marshmallows on top.  Yum!  Who needs turkey when you have THAT?! You want to enjoy the holiday, but you also don't want to regret it the next day when your pants are too tight. Yes it IS possible to enjoy Thanksgiving without gaining weight!  The trick is to not go for seconds, or thirds, or even fourths (gosh I hope nobody [...]

Eat Toxins Not, Get Fat Not

People always ask me, how can I lose weight?  While there is no one magic trick to instantly *poof* remove your fat, there are a few tricks to not gain even MORE fat and even more tricks to lose the fat that you have!  The magic potion lies in what you eat and what you DON’T eat! Our body is this amazing machine that does whatever it can to ensure our survival and to protect us from harm.  One thing it does, out of pure kindness, is to create extra fat cells and envelop toxins every time we ingest them!  [...]

What Came First? The "American Diet" or the Lifestyle?

As you all may know, I am getting my Masters in Nutrition so that one day, I can also get my PhD and you can call me Dr. Justine.  Until then, I'll just have to settle with Master Justine :) One of my professors recently posed this question to us  - How do we feel the "American Diet" has affected people's behaviors and lifestyle, or do we think that behaviors and lifestyle affect people's diet?  I thought my answer was interesting enough to share with you! The first thought that came to mind when I thought of the "American Diet" [...]

Fall is Here! And so are Fall allergies!

That's right, folks!  Summer is officially over, but if you're in Texas like me, it's still HOT, HOT, HOT!  It was almost 100 yesterday.  Those up in my former residence of New Jersey are now breaking out their Ugg boots.  Fun fun!  No matter where you may live, Fall allergies are probably headed your way.  I'm currently experiencing a new brand of allergies here in Austin that I've never had before. What should you do if you get allergies?  Whether it be Fall or Spring?  Here are some quick tips to help you feel better.  And no, they don't include [...]

Tip of the Day – Here's a Quick, Effective Workout! No Weights Required!

If you are crunched for time, do this super-quick workout to blast some calories and keep your metabolism humming along all day.  You'll find that you'll have more energy throughout the day and will naturally make better food choices. No weights required!  Give it a try! WARM UP: 20 alternating knee raises 20 jumping jacks 20 arm circles Repeat 1 more time WORKOUT: 15 squats 15 tricep dips (on the edge of a chair or bench) 15 standing lunges (stay on same leg for 15 reps,. then switch) 15 mountain climbers 15 jumping jacks 15 knee or regular pushups Hold [...]

What's Grillin', Good-Lookin?

Hello all! If you're like me and are challenged in the kitchen or just don't have much time to cook and still want to eat healthy, try GRILLING!  If the outdoor grill scares you, get one of those little George Foreman grills.  I LOVE to grill!  It's easy, quick, and tastes good with hardly any seasoning.  Another added benefit to grilling is the extra fat drips off, so that saves a few calories. Want a simple, yet delicious idea of what to grill?  Try shish-ka-bobs!  I love them and they are super-easy to make.  You need skewers (wood or metal), [...]

Tip of the Day

Hello all! Summer is here, which means many of us are planning summer vacations!  The airports are crazy, the airport workers are even crazier because they have to deal with all the extra people, but we have to get through all the rules and regulations anyway to reach our destination.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE traveling!  If I could live out of a suitcase, I would!  Unfortunately, I hate the actual travel part.... it's the destination I love :) I wanted to clue you in a little about these new super-duper full-body scanners they have implemented in [...]