Do you think that as we age, the metabolism slows down? Not necessarily!

Thermogenesis, or the part of the metabolism that process food, actually stays about the same as we age. What is true is that as we get older, we tend to become more sedentary. Many people have sedentary jobs, we tend to become less active as we age, and sometimes it seems easier to relax on the couch rather than to go exercise. Individuals lose muscle mass, store more fat, and their BMR decreases when we become more and more sedentary. This is why people think metabolism slows when we get older.

Therefore, as you age, it is very impotant to stay active. I remember I had one very inspirational member of my gym – a woman who was ninety-six years old. She worked out three times a week, still could drive herself, was in great shape, and had a ton of energy. She was the perfect example of how we don’t necessarily have to let our metabolism slow down as we age.

Check out this video to learn more about how to keep the metabolism humming along…

How to Naturally Speed Up Your Metabolism